"The examples provided in the video were really realistic and applicable. I was worried that the statistical tools would go way over my head, but even that was presented in an engaging manner. I was able to grasp the concepts quickly and use them afterwards. Great course for beginners to Six Sigma.”

“Your Green Belt course is a great investment. In about 3 hours I learned a good overview of Six Sigma tools, which I am already using in my projects. For the money, you offer both an affordable and high quality training.”
Barbara Kerr

“Ideal as an introduction or even as a refresher Green Belt course. I’ve spent a lot of time reading Six Sigma/Lean books that were aimed way over my head. I’m glad I found your video, as now I can honestly say that I not only understand what Six Sigma is, but I can actually use the tools.”
Jermone Lambright

“After taking the Green Belt training, our firm has greatly improved our project management process. I feel much more confident in my role as project manager and one of our long-term clients recently commented how much more efficient we are as a company.”
Charlie Jeong

"I undertook the green belt training before we designed our own project and time management intranet. The skills I learned in the video gave me the confidence to share what I learned with our design and technology team, which applied some of the key concepts. My boss commented that the success of the project had to do with my involvement.”
Wen Huang

“I have been a project manager for 5 years and have attended many seminars and workshops. I was impressed at how well the video covered the key elements of Six Sigma and how accessible it was. After watching it several times, it all clicked. My approach to projects has totally changed.”
Celia Foster

“Before I thought I could not afford to take a Six Sigma Course, but your videos gave me the training that I needed without having to pay thousands of dollars. My company has already reduced a lot of inefficiencies and would like to send me on for more training. Thank you.”

“What I liked most about the Green Belt video was that it did not feel like a study guide to pass a test. Felt that its main purpose was to effectively teach Six Sigma and providing ways to apply on the job.”
Hannah Roser

“Buying the video was one of the best things I have done for my career. In a matter of a couple of months my problem solving and analytical skills have made tackling even the most difficult of projects much more manageable.”

“As a project manager for a marketing firm, our projects were often late and way over budget. After taking your Green Belt training, what a difference! I’ve applied the tools and at the beginning of every project I feel more equipped to effectively plan things out.”
Brian Turner

“As a Human Resources manager I often associated six sigma with engineering or manufacturing and had my doubts about how much I would be able to use in my department. The video captured important elements that I feel that ANY company can use. It was extremely helpful when I had to lead our HR generalists through the design and development of a new recruiting system.”
William Tran

“Before I saw the video I did have my reservations about whether a video could provide all that I needed to know about Six Sigma. I am glad I bought the video, as the instruction was better than many of the live training courses I have taken in other subjects. It felt like it was so well organized and really aimed at the appropriate Green Belt level.”
Bara Linden

“What I loved about the training course was that I could go at my own pace. So often after workshops and talks I forget after a couple of days what was actually taught! With the video, I was able to download and return to some key points that I needed to review.”
Sam Lee

“I bought the video with the goal to get the Green Belt certification. This video provided me with a solid foundation of Six Sigma. Now I feel ready for more!”
Machael Prat

“I was really impressed by the quality of the video and the level of instruction. It was especially helpful that I could return to the video whenever I needed a refresher.”
Ernie Fong

“To be honest, before I took the course I thought I would not understand the statistical tools, as I heard they could be quite difficult to grasp. But your course presented the most complex information in a very approachable manner. I never felt lost.”
Herbert Sondkar

“The training really helped break down the key concepts of Six Sigma in a step-by-step manner. I had taken a seminar previously, but after it was over I did not have a full understanding of Six Sigma. So, your course helped a lot.”
Zahra Hipolio

“On a day-to-day basis I am one of three team members in my company that is responsible for client management. The training course improved my approach to dealing with our customers. I have to say that the level of repeat business is amazing. Thank you.”
David Dao

“What a great introduction to Six Sigma. I felt that the video gave an excellent overview of what Lean and how it connects to Six Sigma. Solid and practical examples.”
Conrad Teodoro

“Very good video. Ideal for anyone contemplating whether Six Sigma certification is for them.”
Stanley Gonzales

“Good, practical applications. I did not feel that I was being lectured to or that the information was ‘dumbed-down’ for Green Belts. I was impressed by the professional quality of the video.”
Carol Phan

“There was never a moment when watching the video that I felt lost. Loved the way that everything was led through step-by-step.”
Paul Schultz

“I would recommended the Green Belt video to anyone, particularly those looking to set themselves apart and develop skills that will take them further in their career.”
Leon Halton

“I have bought a lot of Six Sigma books and to be honest, often the information was poorly presented and difficult to understand. Your Green Belt video was the opposite. Clear, simple, and useful.”
Jose Khoe

“You don’t need an MBA to understand your video. Great presentation of Six Sigma in language I understood.”
Gullak Scafco

“I was very satisfied with the quality and the level of the training. I am glad that I bought the video, as I researched a lot of different options. Your program was one of the best deals out there.”
Gill Bitty

“Before seeing the video, I found Six Sigma confusing. Your program was just what I needed. Very clear and filled with great real-life examples.”
Carlene McKinley

“Just the right amount of material was presented in a clear-cut manner. I’m very busy and did not have time to have to also use textbooks in conjunction with the video training. It was all that I needed to grasp six sigma. Good job!”
Gregory Rafferty

“ I gave the video to two of my managers. I am happy to report that since then our company has been able to reduce the level of our manufacturing waste by 25%.”
Albert Hillebrandt

“Great layout and format of the materials. I would recommend this video to anyone looking for a foundation course. I was totally new to Six Sigma/Lean and by the end of the video went ahead and applied some of the principles in one of my projects. No one was more surprised than I was at how quickly I was able to adapt the concepts.”
Jas Wong

“The video presented the main topics in a manageable framework, especially the DMAIC model, which I return to at the beginning of every project.”
Imani Olsen

“What was most beneficial for me was how the video clearly explained data sampling and the various methods you can use. In my job I have to analyze a lot of data. Your video made good use of charts and tools, all that I need on a daily basis.”
Ingrid Porter

“As a manager of a small company, I bought the video because I wanted to first see whether Six Sigma would actually work for my business. After taking myself and a couple of my managers through the video I was pleased at how easy it was. Our ROI has improved in under three months.”
Rama Tau

“Very practical examples. Great value for the money.”
Grant Ward

“The video is just right. It did not overload me with lots of information that I did not need. For me the Minitab examples were the most helpful.”
Dan Harris

“After taking the Green Belt training, my boss has noticed the changes in the quality of our projects. Feel that he is looking at me in a different way. The video has given me a confidence to take control and lead our diverse team of engineers, and designers.”
David McEachern

“I want to thank you making the Green Belt video program. Without it I would not have been able to afford to get Six Sigma training.”
Ruby Chi

“Great source of information about six sigma/lean processes. Clear cut presentation and very well organized.”
Zhu Wang

“I’ve learned more through the video than the hours I spent reading six sigma books. I was able to absorb the tools and methods in one sitting and when I needed to could return to parts that I wanted to review more in depth.”
Canessa Khoan

“Everything I ever wanted to know about six sigma. Full of real world solutions for any business!”
Steven Moore

“Having completed the training four months ago, I can honestly say that I remember the material. Very well delivered and comprehensive. Since the course I have picked up several Six Sigma books and very rarely encounter the same level of quality and detail as in the video. How you were able to accomplish that, I don’t know. But am grateful.”
Ed Flynn

“After the green belt video, felt that I finally mastered the basics of Minitab. Thanks a lot.”
Cheryl Harvey

“In this economy I was searching for a relatively inexpensive six sigma training. Was not sure if a video would give me what I needed in the beginning, but the green belt video was what I needed to get the basics.”
Oliver Landeros

“Quite comprehensive. Video does a good job in clarifying six sigma techniques in just a couple of hours. Provided with me with the tools that I could take on my job at a plastics manufacturing company. We’ve been able to reduce test time considerably!”
Corinthia Hakimi

“The DMAIC model was presented in a language I could understand and apply. It’s what I use at the start and throughout every project. Your video is a great guide.”
Cecelia Wagner

“Useful examples throughout the video. Really helped me learn quickly about the statistical formulas/concepts.”
Morgan Santos

“Quite thorough. Got what I needed to help me get started as a green belt. The instruction didn’t go in one ear and out the other!”
Sachi DiSalvo

“Good collection of six sigma methods/techniques. The video was very well structured and flowed nicely from one concept to the next. I could tell that it was professionally done by experts in six sigma.”
Gauld Clark

“In college I took statistics but your video presented it in a much better way. Something I can actually use on a day-to-day basis.”
Jorge Levingston

“The video was truly valuable, not only in my work but even in the real world. I find myself reviewing the video when I need to plan an important strategy at work and in life.”
Nancy McCormies

“I’m very pleased with my green belt video training. Not as difficult as I had imagined at first. I’m really grateful that I found your video first. Reading books are fine, but the video clearly lays it all out. I now feel prepared to go on for my green belt certification.
Antonio Canalin

“A must have for any team members that need to have a six sigma foundation course.”
Joel Oakwood

“It’s great having the green belt video on hand. As a new project manager for a construction company, I look at the video whenever I need help on figuring out how to apply the statistical tools to different aspects of our projects.”
Elise Riley

“Finally a six sigma training that is not full of overly technical language!”
Wayne Bryant

“Would highly recommend your video to anyone—no matter what kind of business. The training was not only geared toward manufacturing professionals and I could immediately apply the concepts to my new web design company.”
Douglas Sullivan

“Really impressed with the video, as I have taken six sigma workshops in the past. Felt that it addressed the organizational strategy, statistical tools and business processes adequately without the need for more reference books. Thanks a lot.”
Sara Carter

“A good blend of six sigma theory and real-world practical application.”
Duane Leonard

“The video did not overload me with a bunch of material to memorize. It is much more than just a presentation of six sigma tools, but offers a good introduction to its philosophy and purpose.”
Charles Gilman

“I felt the video really honed in on the essential elements of Six Sigma. After going through the training I feel that at least I have the fundamentals I need to not only execute the processes but lead a team.”
Frank Murguia

“I got a better understanding of the statistical nature of six sigma thanks to the green belt video thanks to the great use of visuals. Much better than how presented in books.”
Steve Elkington

“Our entire team used the video in preparation for the Green Belt certificate. Our boss wanted to make sure that it was something that was worth it. Because of the video we were able to put into practice some of the key fundamentals of six sigma. When he saw some of the results, he gave us the go ahead to push forward to advance to certification.”
Nora Reed

“In a market that is often way over-priced, your video is a great value for giving a comprehensive training at a much lower price. Highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn the basics of what six sigma is all about.”
Otis James

“Before taking the training our technical project manager was struggling understanding why we often came up ended up with a lot of wasted material. I’m happy to say that as a result of taking the training he was able to run with the tools and use them.”
Lisa Tutashinda

“With your video there’s no need to be a statistician in order to grasp important statistical and analytical tools. Feel that I now have a good toolset to interpret data at various stages of project management.”
Verma Preston

“I just didn’t have the time to take off from work to attend as green belt training session. The video is an excellent alternative to taking a live seminar. I don’t feel that I lost out on learning the overall processes and methodologies of six sigma.”
Roe Santelli

“Overall, quite impressed with the content of the training. The pace was well executed, well paced and thorough.”
Mark Ou

“The tools presented at the green belt level were no less valuable than at a higher black belt level. I feel like a valuable member of my team and have been able to deliver projects that are data-dependent and measureable.”
Brent Fisher

“Happy to report that since the video our plant has seen the benefits and have experienced a reduction in time and costs. Did not think that a video would be able to bring about results so quickly.”
Dennis Rapella

“I am now working closely with a Black Belt manager and he is impressed with how much I have been able to pick up from the green belt training.”
Lara Riley

“Thanks to your video series. We’re a small company and being able to have a video training made receiving a green belt training a possibility to key members of our company. In today’s economic climate, we simply could not afford to send everyone on an expensive course.”
Allen Draeger

“Perfect training for anyone who simply just doesn’t have the time to sit down with lots of different books. Could not believe how much I was able to learn in three hours!”
Lewis Moroti

“In just a couple of months I have seen an improvement in the way we do business. Our construction projects have moved to a higher level. We’re no longer beginning projects in the dark. By using the statistical tools presented so clearly in the video we’ve been able to adapt them to many different jobs. At the end we can finally truly measure how successful it was.”
Jenny McNary

“Usually when I take a workshop the information only stays for a couple of days. What I like about the video is that it was not only memorable, but something I can use again.”
Max Andronico

“Your training demonstrated very clearly the link between having a solid business strategy/tools in place and its effect on ROI. Very practical.”
Dale Kay

“The content of the training exceeded my expectations. I found the way you explained the DMAIC mode especially useful, as I was a beginner to six sigma as well as being a project leader.”
Perry kim

“Complex material can be explained in a clear, concise way. I’m grateful that I used the green belt before picking up other background material on six sigma. I don’t have any trouble following the concepts in six sigma/ lean books.”
Gary Ademe

“Pragmatic relay of six sigma, with no use of business jargon. It was great not to have to struggle through the material.”
Leo Ferrier

“It feels great to no longer act based on my gut, as to be honest sometimes it just wasn’t right. Having the techniques and processes to follow has helped me approach projects with a much more critical eye.”
Gloria Lavorina

“Thank you so much for demystifying six sigma. The video took the mystery out of the statistical process. I’m one of the few non-engineers in my company and now feel up to speed and can make to analyze key data.”
Alex Fong

“The way the material was presented made the video very engaging and user-friendly.”
Dawn Nguyen

“This six sigma video provides you with an opportunity to go back and review the processes and tools whenever you need to. Different members of our company, from managers to employees have been able to relate the techniques to their particular role. Now when we get together, it feels we are all on the same page. Thank you.”
Joseph Cox

“What could have been tough material was not. Bravo for making a video of six sigma that is comprehensible and hands-on. No need to have an MBA to go through this training!”
Victor Chuong

“Before the green belt video I had difficulty making the connection of how six sigma could be applied in the day-to-day world of running a business. So, thank you for designing a course that is relevant and useful.”
Donald Elmwood

“What a pleasure to be able to get the information that I needed in a couple of hours. Very impressive the amount the training was able to communicate and with good examples!”
Bruce Fong

“I thought watching a six sigma video would be a painful experience! Happy to say that it was not at all. Made what can often be dry material interesting.”
Richard Nooshan

“A great refresher course in statistics and business processes. The statistical tools/techniques were better presented when compared to most of my business courses.”
Robert Khosrovani

“The visual aids provided in the video, particularly the six sigma control charts and the Minitab.”
George Negron

“Ideal for those who want to receive a fundamental course in six sigma and to find out whether certification is for them. That’s why I signed up for the training. Overall, it was really influential in my decision to continue on to certification level. Thanks!”
Keith Pollick

“Felt that this video was able to convey a broad overview of Six Sigma without sacrificing the fundamentals. It cannot only serve as a great reference guide, but also a practical tool to take into any kind of business. Let’s face it, in today’s current economic climate there’s really not much room for inefficient performance.”
Andrew Marjan

“Highly recommend this video. I took it soon after I was downsized from my job as a product manager. The training greatly expanded my skill set and made me much more marketable. I was able to land a new position because one of the requirements was to participate in a team headed by a Black Belt manager. So, thank you!”
Paul Sweeney

“Filled with great creative solutions needed to transform the most basic and complex stages of projects. Felt the material was presented in a logical, methodical manner.”
Jas Tennant

“Packed with the essentials of six sigma and yet the material did not feel like it was pieced together. I walked away feeling like I got a whole day’s training versus only a couple of hours.”
Joan Lien

“I thought that following a set of processes would be stifling. But after getting an overview from the video I was able to see how versatile many of the tools and techniques are because of the different ways the video explained the six sigma concepts. Never got bored!”
Thuy Bui

“Initially I bought the video to help cut costs at our food assembly plant. However, in a matter of months I saw how the six sigma techniques helped build our customer base. The video is great value all around.”
Ben McGuire

“The material in the training is aimed at the right level for green belt employees. You don’t have to be a high level executive to grasp the concepts presented.”
John Chow

“We no longer set unreasonable goals and expectations for our projects. It’s great to have a set of clear, measurable goals and the ability to analyze our approach and processes. What a difference to our overall operations.”
Ethan White

“Well designed and organized six sigma training course. The examples chosen in the video were excellent and made the experience much more accessible.”
Alan Hamilton

“Right amount of information at just the right level. In my 10 years of being a technical project manager I have taken a lot of management level courses that were basically a waste of time because I could not apply the concepts to my job. Your video was able to accomplish what most live presentations fail to do…deliver information in a digestible and applicable manner.”
Steve Chipman

“I am quite familiar with six sigma and viewed the video before giving it to one of my new quality control managers. Pleased to report that I felt the training covered all the fundamental elements. And impressed at how quickly it brings people up to speed on statistical methods that are not often easy to explain.”
Mario O'Neil

“Never before have I seen a video cover such a complex set of theories and methodologies so well. Your use of examples and visuals clearly defined the sequence of steps needed to effectively implement six sigma. Very well done!”
Kenneth Stone