Thomas Edwards,
Six Sigma Master Black Belt

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Learn Affordable Green Belt Lean Six Sigma Training from a Master Six Sigma Black Belt that you can immediately to start saving thousands in waste.

Green Belt Six Sigma is a beginner’s introduction to six sigma quality and efficiency control. Our 6 sigma green belt level training is perfect for both employees and managers beginning the journey of six sigma mastery. The process is based upon improving internal processes by understanding and controlling individual variations and improving predictability of business processes. In today’s economy it has become essential due to its ability to improve production with its disciplined, data-driven approach which minimizes defaults from every area of the product sequence including product, process, and customer transaction.

What can Green Belt Six Sigma Training do for me as an employee?
Accelerate your career, skyrocket your value as an employee and distinguish yourself from millions of others. It is documented and proven that six sigma professionals save their companies tens to hundreds of thousands through their specialized knowledge. It is fact that, You can start learning right now and use real life strategies to increase your companies’ efficiency and quality. No, you don’t have to spend a year taking extra college classes, you can receive expert green belt six sigma training in the comfort of your own home. And now you can complete your training completely on your computer in as little as one hour. This course is exact and to the point. No advanced scientific formulas or impossible to understand textbook or advanced and confusing language. This is a down to earth, easy to understand and easy to implement step-by-step auction program. No need to attend 2-3 week seminars or sit through a semester of classes.

Working together we can cement your success within your area of expertise.
What can Green Belt Six Sigma Training do for my business?
Fortune Magazine – January 11, 2007- Six Sigma immediately saves Fortune 500 companies a total of $427 Billion yearly. If you have a smaller volume the impact can be just as devastating. “Tightening up” your company with statistical processing could be the difference between bankruptcy and success. More proof – General Electric saved $2 Billion in 1999 alone solely through implementing Six Sigma. You can reduce the cycle time of your projects significantly and more importantly, immediately.
Six Sigma implementation has proven successful in every industry!

Your Formula for Six Sigma Online Success
Your training will be based on the industry standard “body of knowledge” of six sigma, following the proven roadmap known as Define, Measure, Analyze, Identify and Control. You will be thoroughly trained on all green belt six sigma concepts, which will enable you as a Green Belt level specialist to immediately use your new skills by implementing six sigma into every area of the workplace. Whether you’re a large company, small business or individual you can quickly and easily acquire these new skills and use them immediately.


"The course content was excellent, Define, measure, analyze, inspect, control was explained in a simple format and putting it into action was just as easy. The videos were self paced and now overly complex."
David Gao
"Wonderful high quality program. This 6 sigma green belt program was affordable and very effective"
Josh Nelson

"The videos here provided a good reference to use the tools of six sigma. The videos approach lean six sigma in a easy to understand format. I learned how to implement the improvements within my company successfully. "
Jeffery Willis

"I recommend this training course for learning green belt six sigma. It was applicable to real life and not confusing for beginners."
Rajan Negi

"The materials were presenting in a easy to follow way. The information seems complex, but the instructor does a good job of presenting it in a way that’s applicable and actionable."
Rosemary Blazevic

"Clear lean training materials felt like a bargain for the value I received and the savings when put to use in my cd manufacturing business."
David Bansal

"nice presentation, I thought the training would be difficult to understand because Im new to this type of training, but the presentation was easy, well put together, and easy to understand."
Sesha Munukutla

"I feel that this training was an excellent investment and has help my employability. The greenbelt lean training helped me add value to my position in reducing costs for my employer."
Tina Lajes
About Our Online Six Sigma Lean Training Course

Advantages of Our Green Belt Six Sigma Training

What you will learn during your Green Belt Six Sigma Training

Course material covered in detail during your Six Sigma Video Training

100% Customer Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

The cost of learning six sigma

The Difference: What our course is not

The Difference: What makes our course the Best

"I am extremely pleased with the trianing I received through these videos. I have been searching for a six sigma course that i could actually afford to take. I have already used the knowledge I gained from this training just a month after training eliminating waste in my small business. Saving approximately $10,000 yearly. Thank you for putting this together."
Pierre Bollert

"Good tools and effective breakdown of such a complex subject. The training was interesting, organizaed, impactful, easy to use and beneficial. As a master six sigma black belt and someone who attends lean trainings regularly I know the value of a good six sigma course."
Marie Martinez

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"I was able to start using the training immediately. As a quality control manager for 7 years, I know the value of six sigma control. I have been to several sigma seminars and this is as good as the live trainings. This program was direct and to the point. I was impressed with the overall quality of the program."
Raj Kapadia

"I recommend that anyone seeking beginners six sigma training try these videos. I investigated several companies to learn six sigma from and found this one to be the most cost effective and best quality."
Vanda Morrow

"The course was not overwhelming like I thought it would be. It is well organized and you can quickly get to what you what to know and reinforce what you dont understand. Its hard to find a video course on six sigma, this course is unique and very informative."
Vidisha Agarwal

"Anyone thinking of taking a seminar or live six sigma training should consider taking this video program first. I did both, this one for $50 and another live seminar for $8,000. The topics were about the same. I feel that the online videos here covered about the same level of information as the live training, if not more."
Trinh Ngoc

"Going from knowing nothing to now being certified green belt six sigma, I feel that this training course taught me everything required to eliminate defects in our quality control systems. I was able to easily grasp the material and run with it."
Gary Eng

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Your Instructor is Thomas Edwards, Six Sigma Master Black Belt.
He has trained over 1000 Six Sigma Certified Green and Black Belts in 4 countries over a 7 year period. He has 30 years of quality, manufacturing and consulting experience in several industries. He has a master's degree in engineering management from Johns Hopkins University.  

Our six sigma online video course Runs a total of 3 hours. Each individual video is broken into define, measure, analyze, improve and control. We don't explain to you what six sigma is, the definition of six sigma is freely available on the internet, we jump right into the define phase as soon as you push play!

This six sigma training is an easy to use, organized, direct and to the point, self-paced video presentation. The presentation covers all essential topics of green belt level six sigma training. These training videos are yours to view and keep forever. We do not put expirations on the videos or limit them in any way. Once your a member, your in for life with no additional fees, dues or payments. We will not bombard you with additional sales messages to buy other products. The presentation itself is lean, it runs a total of 3 hours and you new skills can be used in business activities immediately. It contains no jokes, long-winded stories, extended introductions. This course does not fluff out to 20 minutes, what can be directly explained in 2 minutes. You can view the lean six sigma training presentation as the entire course, or broken down by segment. The course covers only the most relevant information in an easy to understand, down to earth format. This learning system allows you to receive the same level of training at a fraction of the cost of on-site training or seminar attendance.

Advantages of Our Green Belt Lean Six Sigma Training:

• Self Paced Learning

• Video Based Training, Not Online only - Save to your own computer for easy access

• Videos segmented by Topic for easy reference and review

• Extensive, Professional Six Sigma Improvement Training in less than 3 hours

• Extremely Affordable when compared with other training options

• Learn the basics of Minitab Included at no extra fee

• Learn Lean Six Sigma Training Tactics and Techniques you can implement right now

• Expert Six Sigma Belt Led Instruction

• Complete No Questions asked Iron Clad 90 day Guarantee

What You Will Learn During your Green Belt Six Sigma Training:

· All major and critical themes of six sigma practice and the roles to be executed Green Belt Champions.

· Planning, executing and integrating six sigma into any Project.

· Clarifying internal and external customer critical needs.

· Reducing quality and delivery errors, waste, responding accordingly to variations in changes of processes.

· Analysis of the underlying cause of defects and their individual effects on specific customer requirements, using several tools to dig deep the processes.    

· Gathering, Analyzing and changing one sample, two sample, and multiple sample data within your process.

· Data Sampling methods and validity sampling using manual and automated collection plans.

· A complete understanding of what is happening, how and why it is happening and what needs to be done with both the data and the processes.

· Selecting, leading, training and coaching team members in your role as a Green Belt Six Sigma Champion.

· Collecting and comparing data in Minitab and using the appropriate visual chart and statistical tools to organize, categorize, interpret various levels of data.  

· Constructing, Screening and interpreting Six Sigma Improvement control charts for a visual representation of the data.

· Comparing the quality of data and benchmarks within upper and lower customer requirement limits.

· Detection of risks and opportunities for risk before they become threats.

· Finding and prioritizing solutions to customer defect problems within each process.

· Communication and change management to make sure changes are accepted and standardized.

· Long term acceptance of changes using automated monitoring systems to ensure savings last and are implemented across the entire organization.

· Measuring the success of Real world solutions and improvements and Guidelines for repeatability.

· Increasing customer service and retention levels, cutting lead times, increasing productivity and accelerating sales growth.

· And a lot more . . .

· Statistical Measure
· Data Analysis
· Customers Essential Criteria’s
· Team Charter
· Process Maps
· Customer and Process Driven Goals
· Outcome of 6 Sigma
· Process Drill-Down Trees
· Variable Processes
· Problem Goal Statements
· High Level Process maps
· Measurement of Processes
· Quality Function Deployment Charting
· Fishbone Diagramming
· Pareto Charting
· Failure Modes and Effects Charting
· Risk Priority number identification
· Failure mode analysis
· Cause and Effect variables
· Degree of Severity Implementation
· Failure Occurrence Analysis
· Current Control Systems
· Detection of Failures Analysis
· Discrete and Continuous Data Classification
· Customer tolerance Limits
· Data Collection Planning
· Measurement Systems Analysis
· Measurement System Device Management
· Precision, Accuracy and Resolution Planning
· Repeatability and Reproducibility Testing
· Test/ Retest Study Systems
· Minitab Data Analysis
· Histogram Analysis using Minitab
· Process Capability
· Probability of Defect per unit
· Common Cause Variation
· Process Capability Reporting
· Z Score Shifting
· Process benchmarks
· Product Report Generation
· Minitab Spreadsheet Generation
· Classical, 1st-time and Throughput yield Processes
· Process Entitlement and benchmarking
· Competition best Practice Statistical Analysis
· Hypothesis testing
· Alpha Beta Testing
· P-Value Analysis
· 2 Sample t-testing
· Operation Parameter diagramming
· Design of Experiments
· Screening and Optimizing
· Minitab Testing design
· Analyzing Factorial Screening
· P- Value refinement and Analysis
· Critical Factor Prediction
· Graphing Factorial Plots
· Regression Charting
· Range valuation
· Process Control Systems
· Statistical Confirmation
· Risk management Processing
· Mistake Proofing
· Statistical Process Control Charting
· Variable Control Charting
· Individuals and moving range charts
· X- Bar and Range charts
· Attribute Charts
· Process Focused Charts
· Introduction to R Charts
· Introduction to S Charts
· Data Sub grouping
· SPC Charting with Minitab
· Control Limit Recognition using Minitab
· Trend Charting

· Value added activities
· Value Process
· Variations in process
· Variation
· Finding Variation in the process
· Variation sources
· Variation ranking
· Top down Flowcharting
· Value Stream
· Time definitions
· Eliminating wastes
· Mapping current process
· Discovering waste
· Spaghetti charting
· Cause / Effect tools
· Using metrics
· Failure mode and effects analysis
· Measurement errors
· Quality
· Confidence intervals
· Sample size
· Detectable difference
· Chi-Square
· Anova
· Correlation and Regression
· Process Capability
· Specifications
· Process characteristics
· Sample representative
· Process audit
· Process Shift
· Rational Sub grouping
· Performing baseline analysis
· Capability of Process
· Confidence interval
· Margin error
· Hypothesis testing
· Multiple Regression
· Design of Experiments
· Defining the Problem clearly
· Full Factorial DOE
· Full Factorial DOE using Minitab
· Controlling process
· Mistake Proofing
· Statistical process control
· Np charts
· Np charts using Minitab
· .........and alot more.

100% Customer Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

Full 90 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

Try our materials risk-free.

99% of Six Sigma training programs, books, seminars, consultants and tools have absolutely No Guarantees. Also you're risking hundreds or sometimes thousands of dollars in the hope of a positive result. Don’t do that. Buy From us now because we not only offer one of the most comprehensive courses at an extremely affordable price but we stand behind our product with a full 90 day guarantee. Try Risk Free Now.


Your Tuition Investment for Lean Six Sigma Training:

Investing in yourself, combined with our guarantee, combined with skills that will increase your value in the increasingly competitive global economy, is one of the few risk Free investments which are guaranteed to pay substantial dividends for the rest of your life.
Analyzing Your Tuition investment (How much does our six sigma course cost?):
Of Course, if you've browsed other Green Belt Level Six Sigma Training materials, you know how expensive they are.

These are some current prices of alternative programs just for basic Green Belt Six Sigma Training: 2 Weeks = $3700.00 (Travel, Hotel, Expenses not included) 100 page book download = $299 1 Day video training = $975 (3 months only access) 1 Day = $450.00 (Travel, Hotel, Expenses not included) 1 Day video = $699 ( 1 month access to materials) View Videos Online only over 10 days = $499

Website Names Withheld by request. I invite you to explore all your options in obtaining Green Belt Six Sigma Training and six sigma courses to ensure you not only get the best value for your money but also select the right program for your own personal needs. But, when your finished, just make sure you come back and give us a try, ok?

What this Course is not:

This is not a filler filled six sigma certification with long winded stories that hold no value or significance. Beware of programs that use tricks to fill time and give the illusion that you are getting more information because their presentation is longer. Many customers, including Karen from Indiana have emailed us after using other six sigma certification programs, that they spent $2000 and quote "would have been better off just throwing the money away" then Karen accepted our presentation risk free and got more value out of our course than the $2000 program.

• Beware of sigma 6 courses that are monthly Subscription based!
• Beware of SUPER-EXPENSIVE Seminars with no guarantees!
• Beware of Websites Pretending to be “Colleges” That teach Six Sigma!
You Do not need to go through a semester of College to learn lean six sigma
• Beware of $400-$500 six sigma certification E-Books disguised as training programs!
• Beware of Limited Access or will expire lean six sigma Training Materials!
• Beware of Filler-Filled, Long Winded Stories, Hour Long Intros, Credential Fluff and Joke Filled, “Seminar Recordings”
• Beware of Mass Produced “General”, “textbook-like”, wordy, Confusing books
Be careful of websites that give you a simple "overview" of lean six sigma and no details of what you will actually learn.

Don't become a victim of six sigma programs that try to convince you: Longer = Better

This is not a recorded six sigma certification seminar. It is expert led instruction through videos, teaching you Green Belt Level Six Sigma which you can use immediately.

What Makes our Course the Best:

Our six sigma training is down to earth, in plain English, taught so a beginner can easily learn and implement the training.

Our course is right to the point, set up in sections according to six sigma standards Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control. The same program Corporations spend thousands of dollars either training their staff or hiring a consultant.

Our course is completely online therefore the pricing directly reflects the expense to bring you the material in an online video format. We pass the savings on you, the customer, so everyone can attain these skills at affordable pricing.

Our six sigma training videos never expire and are not limited in anyway. You may watch them online, download them and train your employees using them.

Our six sigma training course does not include jokes, extraneous or obvious information.

After payment you will have access to the members only area, where you can view the videos by segment or as the entire course.

Our lean six sigma course is NOT available in stores, so you can only access it through this website.

As soon as you purchase this six sigma training course, you will have life time access too every Video in our members-only area which is directly responsible for over 729 Green Belt Six Sigma trained Professionals in 8 Countries.

Home Study Course (3 Hours of video training on 8 cdroms (compatible with all versions of windows only) + 250 Pages of slides workbook)

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Online Version (Lifetime / Unlimited Access to 10 video modules (3 Hours) and video download)

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